more pi-blocking

Got a Pi-hole, but some ads are still making their way through? Perhaps you are not blocking enough ad domains… To fix this, open a browser session to this page on your pi: http:/ipaddressofpi/admin/settings.php?tab=blocklists Insert the text list from here: (Be sure to only use the ticked list to not cause any false positives.)   […]

Securing your PI

Install an antivirus scanner Download it: – sudo apt-get install clamav Update it: sudo freshclam  (if it fails run this first and try again: sudo pkill -15 -x freshclam) Install a malware checker Download it: sudo apt-get install rkhunter Update it: sudo rkhunter –update (if it fails update the following file: /etc/rkhunter.conf as below) UPDATE_MIRRORS=0 –> UPDATE_MIRRORS=1 […]

Find out what’s in your Pi

List of linux commands for gathering Pi specifications “cat /proc/meminfo” (Memory Info) “cat /proc/cpuinfo” (CPU Info) “cat /proc/partitions” (Disk Partition Info) “cat /proc/version” (Linux Version Info) “cat /boot/cmdline.txt” (Boot Parameters) “cat /proc/filesystems” (File System Info) “cat /etc/passwd” (Username & Password Info) “free -h” (Memory Stats Info) “hostname -I” (Hostname Info) “lsusb” (USB Devices info) “lscpu” […]

Using your Pi-hole VPN from anywhere

Objective: The ability to configure your mobile/roaming device to route all your internet traffic through your home connection whilst utilising your LAN based Pi-Hole blocking DNS service.  Required: 1 x Raspberry Pi (with ethernet connection, monitor, USB keyboard/mouse) 8GB+ SD Card Windows PC with SD card reader your own internet connected network time to kill Resources […]