Raspbian Pi – System Info

List of linux commands for gathering Pi specifications

apt-cache showAPT package info
archshow architecture
bind -pBash keyboards shortcut info
cat /boot/cmdline.txtBoot Parameters
cat /etc/os-releaseshow release OS information
cat /etc/passwdUsername & Password Info
cat /proc/cpuinfoCPU Info
cat /proc/devicesDevice drivers
cat /proc/device-tree/model && echo “”Raspberry Pi Hardware Model
cat /proc/fbFramebuffer devices.
cat /proc/filesystemsFile System Info
cat /proc/iomemCurrent system memory map for devices.
cat /proc/loadavgSystem load average
cat /proc/meminfoMemory Info
cat /proc/miscMiscellaneous drivers registered for miscellaneous major device.
cat /proc/modulesCurrently loaded kernel modules.
cat /proc/mountsList of all mounts in use by system.
cat /proc/partitionsDetailed info about partitions available to the system.
cat /proc/statRecord or various statistics kept from last reboot.
cat /proc/uptimeUptime information (in seconds).
cat /proc/versionLinux Version Info
dateDate Info
df /Current Disk Info
df -hDisk Space Info
dig http://www.google.co.ukQuery DNS Servers
dmesgKernel Messages Info
dpkg –get-selectionsInstalled packages info
echo “$(expr $(</sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp) / 1000)’C”GPU temp info
envEnviroment variables info
fileFile info
findFind a file
free -hMemory Stats Info
getconf LONG_BIT show kernel bit type
grepSearch for string
headFirst ten lines of file info
historyRecent Shell Command Info
hostname -IHostname Info
hostnamectlShow systemd based OS info
idUser and group identity info
ifconfigNetwork Info
ip addressIP Adress info
iptables -LFirewall info
iwconfigWireless Info
iwlist wlan0 scanWireless Network Info
iwlist wlan0 scan | grep ESSIDWireless SSID Info
jobsBackground processes info
lastLast login information
lastlogUser Login Info
ls -lDirectory Files Info
lsb_release -aShow lsb OS info
lsblkBlock Devices Info
lscpuCPU Info
lsmodKernel modules info
lsofOpen files info
lsusbUSB Devices info
manManual info
netstat -lpNetwork Stat Info
nslookup google.comQuery the DNS of Servers
psProcesses Info
pwdDirectory Info
tailLast ten lines of file info
top -bn1Running Process Info
uname -aArchitecture, Hostname, Kernel Version , Kernel Release Info
uptimeUptime information (in seconds).
vcgencmd get_mem arm && vcgencmd get_mem gpuMemory Size Info
vcgencmd measure_clock armCPU speed info
vcgencmd measure_tempTemperature Info
vcgencmd measure_volts coreCore Voltage info
wUsername and terminal info

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