Raspbian Pi – System Info

List of linux commands for gathering Pi specifications

“cat /proc/device-tree/model && echo “” ” (Raspberry Pi Hardware Model)
“cat /proc/meminfo” (Memory Info)
“cat /proc/cpuinfo” (CPU Info)
“cat /proc/partitions” (Disk Partition Info)
“cat /proc/version” (Linux Version Info)
“cat /boot/cmdline.txt” (Boot Parameters)
“cat /proc/filesystems” (File System Info)
“cat /etc/passwd” (Username & Password Info)
“free -h” (Memory Stats Info)
“hostname -I” (Hostname Info)
“lsusb” (USB Devices info)
“lscpu” (CPU Info)
“vcgencmd measure_temp” (Temperature Info)
“vcgencmd get_mem arm && vcgencmd get_mem gpu” (Memory Size Info)
“uname -a” (Architecture, Hostname, Kernel Version , Kernel Release Info)
“cat /etc/os-release” (show release OS information)
“hostnamectl” (Show systemd based OS info)
“lsb_release -a” (Show lsb OS info)
“getconf LONG_BIT” show kernel bit type
“arch” (show architecture)
“df -h” (Disk Space Info)
“df /” (Current Disk Info)
“date” (Date Info)
“ip addr” (IP Info)
“ifconfig” (Network Info)
“iwconfig” (Wireless Info)
“last” (Session Info)
“lastlog” (User Login Info)
“pwd” (Directory Info)
“History” (Recent Shell Command Info)
“dmesg” (Kernel Messages Info)
“ls -l” (Directory Files Info)
“iwlist wlan0 scan” (Wireless Network Info)
“iwlist wlan0 scan | grep ESSID” (Wireless SSID Info)
“top” (Running Process Info)
“lsblk” (Block Devices Info)
“ps” (Processes Info)
“nslookup google.com” (DNS Lookup Info)

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